Saturday, October 01, 2005

Legend of the Cherokee Rose

When the Cherokee were removed from their homelands during what became known as the Trail of Tears, they were forced to leave everything behind that was dear to them as well as everything they had that might have helped them have a better start in a new place.

The women were full of sorrow and began to cry. They cried so hard and shed so many tears that their men were afraid they would lose their strength and not be able to care for the children and for the family. The men were afraid that the women would become so weak from sorrow and crying that they would die. That night the men asked Creator to help the women and give them something to take their sorrow. As they went along the next day and looked back at where they had come from, they saw beautiful green plants with white roses spring up along the trail. Those white flowers jumped up everywhere their tears fell, its seven leaflets representing the seven Cherokee clans, and it had gold in the center like the gold the white men were looking for in Cherokee country. The growth of the strong thorny plants reclaimed some of the land the people had lost and when the women saw the Cherokee Rose, it gave them the strength they needed to bring up their children in a new Cherokee Nation.

The Cherokee Rose is a heritage rose and it is the Georgia state flower. The number of petals on Cherokee Roses varies from 5 to 7. It is a very hardy flower.